Removing the Swing Arm

There should be 140wt oil in the spindle cavity, so you'll need to catch it. Chances are pretty good you won't find much in there as it's leaked out long ago or someone packed it full of grease. (That's not a grease nipple, its for oil.)

9) Unscrew the end cap screw and remove. 


(I replaced the zerk with an oil cup to the right hand cover. Update - idea didn't work, the oil just vibrated out the top of the cup.)

10) While that's draining, remove the rear wheel. (See Section H1.)  On 1971 and later models you can leave the sprocket and brake on the swing arm. Since you're in this far I think its worth inspecting the rear brake however.

11) Remove the right footrest (note the bolt that secures the Zener ground). 

12) If you've still got one, disconnect the rear chain oiler. Most folks just seal the tube on the oil tank and be done with it. 

13) Remove the shock bottom bolts.

14) Take out the swinging arm pivot spindle. This should be an easy sliding fit, but you have to remove the lock screw located on the top of the pivot tube. The spindle has a threaded hole on the right side to aid in removal. The front axle fits nicely. Screw a bolt with a lock nut in the hole, tighten and twist to pull the spindle out. 


15) Remove the swing arm with the chainguard attached. Make sure you get the left end plate and 'O' rings. 


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