Section D12 - Refitting Gearbox Outer Cover


1) Assuming the cover is ready to go, fit the outer cover gasket. I like to use Gaskacinch. 

2) Retain the ratchet spring in the centrai position with the index finger of the right hand and guide the case over the kickstart shaft with the thumb of the left hand engaged through the filler cap hole. You can do it!. I had a bit of trouble getting getting the knucle pin roller to align with the ratchet plate. I had to use a screwdriver to position it as the cover was installed.

3) Drive the cover home and insert the 5 screws. 

NOTE: On the MKIII the left hand gear shift pedal will have fallen down, remember to have it in a horizontal position as you install the outer cover so the ratchet plate spline is aligned.

4) Fit the kickstart crank to check the gearbox action with the gear shift pedal. If all is well, then fill with oil.

5) Connect the clutch cable, engaging the nipple in the operating lever. 

6) Replace the inspection cover and gasket. Check that the drain and oil level plugs are secure.

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