Section D10 - Refitting Gearbox Inner Cover


1) Put on the inner cover gasket. I like to use Gaskacinch as a sealer. Some say you don't need anything.

NOTE: If you installed a roller bearing you'll want to set the end play of the layshaft. The OldBritts technical article explains this.

2) If the kickstart spindle has been removed, reinstall and make sure the pawl is behind the stop on the inner cover. See Fig D5


3) Install the kickstart return spring. Put the outboard end of the spring in the hole in the shaft then wind the spring to tension and engage on the anchor pin. See Fig D6.


5) Make sure the main and lay shafts are fully home before you attempt to mount the cover.

6) Assemble the inner cover making sure it enters over the 2 location dowels, and fits snugly home. I found aligning the mainshaft with it's bearing and the dowels and the selector shaft was  a bit of trick. I also tapped the cover home with a small rubber mallet once things were aligned. 

7) Fit the 7 nuts that secure the inner cover. Tighten to 15 ft-lbs. 


8) Engage top gear and tighten the mainshaft nut to 70 ft-lbs.


9) Assemble the clutch operating body complete with lock ring and ball to the gearbox inner cover.

10) Tighten the operating body ring until the body is fully engaged and then ring to bring the body slot directly in line with the marks you made upon disassembly. Refer to Fig D6. You are looking for a straight line between the clutch cable entry and the slot. 

NOTE: To tighten the lock ring you will need to make a tool - see the OldBritts technical article for clues.

11) Assemble the withdraw lever, roller,  bush, screw and nut. See Fig D7


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