Section D4 - Removing Gearbox Inner Cover

Before removing the inner cover, you'll need to mark the position of the clutch operating body. This has no fixed rotational location, and you must make sure there is a straight line between the hole the clutch cable enters the outer cover and the slot in the operating body. Two punch marks are suggested or marking the outside of the inner cover where the cable enters.


1) Remove the small screw and nut that holds the roller for the clutch operating arm and remove the arm, roller and bush. 

2) Remove the locking ring and remove the body and the ball. Mine was loose and therefore easy to remove, but Oldbritts shows pictures of a tool you can fabricate from a 1-1/2" pipe section or purchase their custom version.


3) Prevent the gearbox from rotating by putting it in top gear ( you can do this by levering the end of the quadrant carefully to the top of the window while you rock the rear wheel.) Now remove the mainshaft nut. You may need someone to hold the wheel from turning.

4) Shift the transmission back to neutral by moving the end of the quadrant down.

At this point I would remove the return spring by removing the hooked end from the stud and then pulling the other end ouf of the hole in the shaft.  

5) Remove the 7 securing nuts from the inner cover. Two are outside. 

6) Remove the gearbox inner cover. You might need to lightly tap the mainshaft to get things loose. Lift away the cover with kickstart spindle and pawl. 


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