Section D3 - Removing Gearbox Outer Cover


1) Remove the kickstart by removing the single bolt completely. 

2) Disconnect the battery (always a good idea when working on the bike) by removing the fuse.

3) Remove the rider foot rest. The ground lead for the zener diode is attached to one of the bolts. Don'f forget to reconnect upon reassembly.

On the MKIII models, the master cylinder is part of this assembly. You'll have to disconnect the line to the stop light switch junction block - I suggest doing this before you remove the 3 bolts for the foot rest. On my bike the zener ground was attached to one of the junction block mounting bolts.

4) Lift the foot rest ( MKIII Only: and brake pedal away.)

5) Remove the 5 cheesehead screws from the outer cover

6) Remove the 2 screws from the inspection cover, remove cover and gasket.

7) Disconnect the clutch cable from the fork within the outer cover


8) Place a drain pan under the cover and, using the kick start shaft as a handle, pull the cover off. You might need to gently tap it to get it loose.

9) Remove the shift ratchet plate and spindle.

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