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Keep 'em running

Rear Hub Reassembly


1971 and later models

The later type is supported by two single row bearings in the hub and a double row bearing in the brake drum. (See Section H3 to separate the brake and drum and swing arm.) 

To remove and replace the bearing and seals:

1) Lift the brake assembly away from drum

2) Remove the bearing spacer (it's stepped and protrudes from the center of the bearing toward the wheel. It should be a tight fit and my require a bit of persuasion from a vice to get it.


3) Carefully pry out the lipped washer  that holds in the felt seal.


4) Get the felt seal and backing washer.

5) Remove the large bearing retaining circlip.


6) Using a hide hammer (accept no substitutes!) drive the threaded end of the dummy axle. This should pass in the drum and push out the inner felt seal ans retainers as well as the double row bearing.


7) Clean and inspect everything. Make sure the cush drive paddles are tight in the drum.


8) Pack bearing with grease

9) Fit the inner washers to the drum, held in place with the dummy axle - threaded end towards brake side.


10) Using a "suitable" shouldered drift against the edge of outer race - drive the bearing into the drum and home.


That looks suitable to me!

11) Fit the bearing retainer circlip - sharp edge outwards. Make sure it's all the way bedded. 


12) Install the inner felt washer and felt seal

13) Install the lipped felt seal retainer.