My original version of this web site became compromised by some hacker who took advantage of an out of date install. My provider took it down. It took many hours of fooling around to figure out how to migrate from a damaged v2.5 to 3.9 Joomla. Not for the faint of heart. Anyway, hopefully someone can use the info presented here.

Thanks for looking - David

Well here's another nutty web site about some specific type of obsession - in this case Norton Commandos. First I've got to mention one of best resources for Commando information ever - it's Jerry Doe's fantastic forum at

If you haven't visited, don't waste your time here - start there. Everything you need to know is probably posted there. It's truly a remarkable fount of information and an amazing community. You'll marvel at how helpful the members are. I'm convinced it's directly responsible for 10's if not 100's of Nortons staying roadworthy or even coming back from the dead. 

I stared working on this web site as as I've noticed that the same sorts of questions get asked - how to tune amals, set up boyers, front brake bleeding, swing arm spindle securing, etc. I thought it might be a good idea to try to put together a summary of the best practices (or truthfully what makes sense to me) as well as try my hand at documenting some of what I've discovered about working on Norton Commandos. I decided on a format that follows the official workshop manual. Hopefully it will be useful and somewhat accurate. I welcome any input as my experience is still growing and many of you out there know much more than I'll ever learn.

I also wanted to fool around with creating a web application. This site is put together with Joomla (see for more info), an opensource web application framework. So far, it's working much better than expected. It's very easy to add functionality - there seems to be an active developer community as there are a decent number of plugins and tools available.

-- David